Ludo Racinet (Owner)

A native of Paris, France, he moved to California at the age of 18 to escape the more influent conservative landscape of France. Finding refuge in San Francisco he embraced the food and beverage industry. His first entrepreneurial start up was in the organic ginger juice business, selling to all local heath food stores. In 2000 he opened the Tunnel Top, in 2008 Madrone Art Bar,  & in 2011 Bouche Restaurant, (a small Romantic gem in the heart of San Francisco). In 2015 he made the decision to sell the Tunnel Top and spend time with his family and a year surfing the waves of Nicaragua and Indonesia. Now he returns to the neighborhood he knows so well to pursue a daring new project that becomes Bar Fluxus.


Michael Spike Krouse (Owner)

The Culture Cultivator; an Artist, bar entrepreneur and father. Using passion and hard work to cultivate success. Through the opening of 3 successful and altogether different bars, (The Boom Boom Room, Madrone Art Bar, & Pop’s Bar,) “Spike”, as his friends call him, has maintained unwavering support for local talents, within the thriving hub of community, music and art. Spike has a passion for making unique bars that are extremely San Francisco centric.


Jean-Michel Fabregon (Owner)

Pennsylvania born, and raised in the South of France, Jean-Michel Fabregon came to San Francisco in 2004 after finishing the furniture design program at L’Ecole des Beaux Arts in Marseille. He had sustained his creative education by bartending in Irish & English pubs in Bordeaux and Marseille, developing a love of hospitality. When he moved back to the US, he came to San Francisco and continued these two passions while working at Tunnel Top where he met his current partners Ludovic and Spike.  At the same time he worked on the design and build of Amelie, Café Claude & Cocette.  Having a clear understanding of what hospitality consisted of he then spent some time honing his cocktail skills at the Clock Bar just before he opened Michel Bistro in 2014 on Lakeshore in Oakland and developed his craft by operating a French bistro that earned a nod from Michelin Inspectors with Bib Gourmand status every year. When he’s not bartending he can be found tinkering in his Oakland workshop.


Matt Grippo & Shirley Brooks (Cocktails)

Shirley Brooks and Matt Grippo came together to create Bottom of the Barrel, a cocktail think tank and creative agency for beverage programs. Partners in business, life and love they decided to collaborate utilizing a combined 25 years of service industry experience and two very different backgrounds in the bar industry. Bottom of the Barrel focuses on two things, fun and profitable beverage programs and streamlined style and service techniques. When they aren't running around town or spending time with their daughter they can be found behind the stick at Madrone and Blackbird taking the pretension out of cocktails one drink at a time.

Jonathan Siegel (Designer)

Jonathan Siegal was the founder and creator of Viracocha that was located in the Mission district at 998 Valencia Street from 2010-2015. Viracocha was everyone’s favorite Never-Never land of a music venue and an antique store. He is renowned for celebrating culture and community through his design. For this project he let the collaboration with the owners, dictate the energy and the design. Bar Fluxus was a reinterpretation of past ideas, found objects and materials flipped and given different expectations. The over-arching principle for this bar space or is "connectivity".  Through others we achieve a greater self, and equally provide in return.  That ideal is always the driving force and always our guide. And that's always the first step...  The Sincerity of Intention.

Ella Johnson (Wine)

"Ella Johnson is a French-American, Certified Sommelier through the Court of Master Sommelier. After completing her B.S. in Winemaking at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, she went on to work multiple years in wine production. Today, Ella continues to study the wines of the world, while working in restaurants and personal projects that help bring carefully selected wines to individuals in order to ensure each meal and experience is paired with a delicious bottle of wine. If she is not found exploring the Bay Area wine scene, you can surely find her paddle boarding on the coast or teaching yoga in the early mornings."