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Sonamo & Boco Do Rio Live at Bar Fluxus

'This is finally happening, two of the hottest San Francisco funk bands in one night.
Italian and Brazilian funk, you can only imagine how much HEAT there is going to be.

Top notch Italian groove and funk-based music. If Stevie Wonder or Jamiroquai were Italian, it would sound like this!!
The capability of a perfect blend of intense Italian melodic music lines together with the energy of the American funk is at the backbone of Sonamo'

Boca Do Rio
Originally hailing from the San Francisco Mission, Boca do Rio is a Brazilian-American samba-funk explosion. Born of the mixing of waters of Brazil and the San Francisco Bay, Boca do Rio has created psychedelic samba – music that developed through the rhythm of living and working between the Americas.


///----------------------ARTIST LINEUP----------------------///
Sonamo' - Italian Funk
Sonamo' meaning comes from a dialect word from Napoli (ITALY) which literally means “play now!” but it's actually slang for "show me what you got [in a provocative way]”.
Italian music is well known and often associated with its classical side while there is an unknown world of jazz and funk.
The meeting of Giuseppe Pinto with guitarist Trent Berry brought to the decision of putting together a band that can express a smooth blend of Italian and American culture through music.
The band proposes original music where one can listen to possible to the different background of each band member
We dare to change your perception of Italian music by blending funk, jazz, and rock with a Latin twist while keeping the Italian roots at the backbone. As a matter of fact, Sonamo’ performs tunes that have roots in the deepest Italian tradition with African, Hispanic and Middle Eastern influence, since the Italian territory has been colonized by many different cultures throughout the history. Engaging, exciting and easy to listen, and FUNKY AS HELL. Come get some!

Boca do Rio
Boca do Rio, an Afro-Brazilian World music group from Northern California, delivers a unique blend of pop hooks, pleasing vocal harmonies, funky rhythms, and African percussion with contemporary beats on their EP The Dam is Breaking. The result is joyously melodic and uplifting, with the contemporary accessibility of the Rippingtons and the depth of Stan Getz’s “The Girl from Ipanema” and the Brazilian bossa nova from years past. Boca do Rio (Portuguese for “mouth of the river”) strikes the perfect balance between delicate smoothness and energetic edginess, resulting in vibrant, vast landscapes of sound. Rooted in distinct instruments that seem both timeless and yet also grounded in the here and now, The Dam is Breaking is full of energy, passion, vitality and life. Possessing an urgent environmental message, every song is impeccably written, arranged and performed, resulting in an EP that is superbly crafted and expertly produced.

Antonino Musco is a DJ/producer, radio host and jazz trained musician with an improvisational, audiovisual and soundtracks background.
As a solo artist or with his band Sicilian AV project, Antonino performed in some of the Old Continent most exclusive festivals and events, including the XIII Biennial of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean (BJCEM), Villa Celimontana Jazz Festival in Rome, IT; Praguebiennale3 in Prague, CZ; Crazycurators Biennale in Bratislava, SK.
Resident DJ in some historical venues in the Mission District of San Francisco; Antonino also hosts a weekly radio show (Espresso Sesh) on BFF.FM and the vinyl-only podcast Suona Bene.