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David Boyce & Michael Cavaseno Jazz Duo
Soulful Jazz Renditions.


9pm to 2am
Cover charge: $7

"crash:override is a night of braindance and other left of center electronic music that strives to push the boundaries of the art form. Whether you came to move your feet or let your brain dance, we've got you covered."


William S. Braintree (me) - "William S. Braintree is a composer and producer stationed in San Francisco, CA. His unique brand of electronic music is often fast and colorful. Heavily melodic with a penchant for glitchy drums, he fuses elements of 8-bit video game music, baroque, and drum and bass."

Sweguno - "Sweguno's obsession with layered vocal melody arose from a utilitarian root - initially finding himself with only a PC, a field recorder, and a basic wave editor to painstakingly transcribe the sounds in his head. The result is a unique hybrid sound borrowing elements from choral/devotional traditions and the skittering, frenetic percussion & basslines of IDM/Electro/Industrial styles."